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The incredible breadth and depth of the subject of Geography affects everyone, throughout the world. Through the study of our planet, its physical processes and systems, and the human interactions with it, we help to equip students with skills and knowledge which will ensure their development as responsible, active citizens of the world. By exploring and investigating how the land we live on is created, we are able to discover how different people adapt to their environments. Geography is well suited to giving students an holistic understanding of their own country and interconnectedness of global systems and processes.  The understanding of geographical issues and global problems, combined with knowledge of the earth around us, is a powerful tool for students in the 21st Century. With this background, roads are paved for study in a number of fields, leading to important, necessary work, including: geology and new energy production; ecological studies; charity and development work…only to name a few.

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S1 Geography forms part of the Integrated Social Subjects course in these years.

S2  Earth Forces is taught as part of the Social Subjects Broad General Education

S3  In keeping with the ideals of a Broad General Education, geographical processes and their associated skills and knowledge are studied are through the countries of India and Australia.


National 4 Geography

National 5 Geography

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