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Physical Education

Learning through Physical Education enables children and young people to establish a pattern of health and wellbeing which will be sustained into adult life.  It is important and beneficial to participate in PE which is why the Scottish government has decided that every S1-6 pupil in school should be entitled to at least 2 hours of quality core PE a week, so enjoy!

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Courses & Qualifications

S1-3 The Broad General Education

As part of a broad general education (BGE) in S1-3, we aim to offer pupils a wide range of enjoyable activities that may include Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Fitness, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey and Social Dance. For pupils who have a particular interest or aptitude in P.E there is an elective S3 Leadership course option.

The National 4/5 Curriculum

Through this specialist course you will demonstrate, develop and improve your practical performance skills in physical activities.  Here at Forres Academy, we offer 4 practical activities to deliver the units within the course – Athletics, Badminton, Basketball and Gymnastics.  

S5/6 Curriculum Options

Higher Physical Education Candidates have the opportunity to study Physical Education at a challenging level and to develop critical and imaginative practice in order to achieve an understanding of performance development in Badminton, Basketball and Swimming. In S5/6 pupils can also opt for Physical Education Practical Performance Units. Although there is no formal qualification they will develop: Practical Skills, Knowledge and Understanding and Self Awareness.  At the same time, they will develop key skills for learning, life and work.  

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