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This report tells you about the quality of education at the school.

We describe how young people benefit from learning there. We explain how well they are doing and how good the school is at helping them to learn. Then we look at the ways in which the school does this. We describe how well the school works with other groups in the community, including parents1 and services which support young people. We also comment on how well staff and young people work together and how they go about improving the school. Our report describes the ‘ethos’ of the school. By ‘ethos’ we mean the relationships in the school, how well young people are cared for and treated and how much is expected of them in all aspects of school life. Finally, we comment on the school’s aims. In particular, we focus on how well the aims help staff to deliver high quality learning, and the impact of leadership on the school’s success in achieving these aims. If you would like to learn more about our inspection of the school, please visit www.hmie.gov.uk. Here you can find analyses of questionnaire returns and details about young people’s examination performance. Where applicable, you will also be able to find descriptions of good practice in the school and a report on the learning community surrounding the school.

How well do young people learn and achieve?

Learning and achievement Young people at all stages benefit from the wide variety of opportunities to extend their learning and achievements. As part of school activities days, they are developing confidence, independence and skills in working with others. Across the school young people willingly share their views and ideas and learn from each other. In almost all lessons, they are increasing their abilities to think critically 3 and creatively. Young people understand how to stay healthy. Most feel safe and well cared for, and believe that they are treated fairly and with respect. The wide-ranging programme of clubs enables many young people at all stages to learn more about themselves and to develop new skills and interests.

A notable number are becoming better at coping with unfamiliar situations, for example, through residential excursions. Most young people in S6 are developing their leadership skills and contribute well to the school community. The school is planning further work to increase the motivation, confidence and resilience of young people in the senior school. For example, it has given them study mentors to offer support and help them to achieve as well as they can. Most young people in S1/S2 are making progress from their prior learning, although there is scope to improve how effectively the school tracks their progress from P7 to S2.

Most achieve appropriate national levels in reading, talking and listening. The majority achieve these in writing and in mathematics. At S4, examination results are in line with schools which serve young people with similar needs and backgrounds. At S5/S6 attainment is improving and results are better than in schools with similar characteristics. There is headroom for the lowest attaining young people in S4 and the highest attainers at all stages to do better in national examinations. Almost all young people presented for vocational awards achieve success. When young people leave school, most go on to university or college, or are successful in getting a job or training opportunity.

Open Days For New Parents

We are always arranging welcoming open days for new parents to view our facilities and meet the teachers and see the school. We have a number of partner schools where we offer tranning and orgainse adventure swaps, our partners in Bangalore, Moving On Courses >>> are one of these partners and we often send our foreign students there for 2 week intensive immersive English vocabulary courses. Be sure to visit the school soon and learn more about all of our programs.

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Learning Academy Open Days

Learning Academy Open Days


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