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Welcome to Forres Academy On behalf of all pupils and staff, I am delighted to welcome you to Forres Academy. We hope this handbook will be useful as it has been prepared with you in mind and we hope it will answer many of the questions which you may have when your son/daughter moves to a new school.

However, it is never the intention that this handbook should replace the personal contact which we believe is crucial for any prospective new pupil and their parents/carers. We all appreciate that moving to a new school can be a daunting process, not only for pupils but also for their parents and this is particularly so when moving to a school as large and vibrant as Forres Academy.

However, at all times we aspire to work in close partnership with our parents to ensure their sons and daughters are settling well into the school and to ensure that any concerns are being appropriately dressed. We aim to establish open, trusting and rewarding relationships between pupils, parents and ourselves. We hope you will find Forres Academy a happy, safe and welcoming school where your child will have every opportunity to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will serve them well in the future as well as paying due care and attention to their welfare and development.

We set high expectations of our pupils in terms of achievement, attitude, effort, and behavior. If we are successful in our aims then our pupils will achieve at the very highest standards of which they are capable. We are certainly delighted that your child will be joining our school community and we look forward to welcoming them. Further information can be accessed on our website at www.forresacademy.org.uk and you can also access minutes of Parent Council meetings there too. We are fortunate to have an active and supportive parent body and the Parent Council are always looking for more parents who wish to be involved in the life and work of the school We wish your child a happy and successful time at Forres Academy.

‘A school in which people are positive, open-minded, ready to meet change and involved in a planned and measured process of continuous growth and development.

Welcome to the Forres Academy website! This website is designed to provide parents, carers, pupils and members of our community with information about the school. There are also a number of links to Moray and national websites to provide visitors with information on issues such as the curriculum and teaching and learning. I hope that you enjoy visiting the school website.


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